Welcome to IMPRIMIS Scottish fold & straight cattery web site.

We are proudly breeding one of the most beautiful cats’ breeds — Scottish fold and straight ear kittens. We also have beautiful cats with odd and blue eyes ( recessive gene).
Scottish cats are absolutely adorable creatures with big, round eyes, small ears and naive “baby” face expression. They have friendly temperaments, very easy going and like to be around people.

All of our adult cats are awarded Champions with great pedigrees, some of our cats were brought from leading Catteries of USA, Ukraine, Turkey, as well as our own bred cats. We show our beautiful Scottish cats in CFA and WCF. You can see their photos and read about career achievements at Our Cats section. All of our cats are healthy and tested for PKD, FEV/ FeLV, scanned for HCM, etc..

In our cattery you can find healthy, well bred and socialized kittens for breeding and show, or a lovely home pet.
All kittens are vaccinated, microchipped, have passports and health certificates, registrations in WCF, CFA or LOOF.

We always long to find best, caring families for our kittens. Our graduates happily live in different countries. We can assist with worldwide delivery by reliable, trustworthy couriers .
We are currently located in France — we can personally deliver kittens within Europe and USA.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Our cattery is registered in CFA, WCF and LOOF (France) systems!
Registration Certificates are available upon request.  Kittens can be registered in any of these systems.

Our contacts:
Email: info@imprimis-folds.com
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